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Sustainable Cybersecurity

Sustainable Cybersecurity

Zecurity provides sustainable real-time cybersecurity for the connected world. Zecurity's platform is a SaaS-based zero-trust platform to air gap your infrastructure from the Internet. Our proprietary approach is capable of detecting, isolating, and preventing zero-day threats at first contact before a breach becomes a reality. 

Zecurity's goal is to raise the standard for what is expected from a cybersecurity solution. We believe the IT cybersecurity industry is not keeping up with the threats and strategies being introduced to the internet. In any other discipline, this level of deficiency would be unacceptable. 

Zecurity's patented behavior-based technology provides endpoint and network security against external cyber threats.  


Partner With Us

Zecurity's Scout App and Platform Tools are available for demonstration and evaluation. If you are interested in learning more about how Zecurity and SCOUT can protect your business from external zero-day threats and more, please contact us.


SCOUT Application

Zecurity's introductory implementation of our behavior-based technology is a cloud-based application called, SCOUT.  SCOUT removes risk from accessing the Web for networks and data centers by handling the communication between them.  SCOUT performs this function without relying on identity-based methods, software algorithms, or distributed database updates.  With SCOUT, a system is immune to any link or web-borne virus, malware, or ransomware.

Zecurity Platform Tools

ZWEB - Secure Website Hosting     ZAPPS - Secure Application Hosting     ZDB - Secure Data Base Hosting

 ZDOCS - Secure Document Storage     ZBKUP - Secure Backup Storage     ZENV - Secure Environment

 Zecurity Platform solutions are easily integrated with existing systems and they provide businesses the ability to operate within the cloud, without the risk of data being modified or accessed by an external threat. 

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